Housing Rules & Regulations

NO SMOKING for residents and guests. Smoke-Free Agreement

NO PETS are allowed in our apartments.

You Shall Not(click for details) and You Shall(click for details)

RULES AND REGULATIONS. Employee hereby agrees that Employee, his/her family, guests and invitees SHALL NOT:

  1. Encumber nor obstruct anyone in any manner, including lounging within, the sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, yards, entrances, and stairs from going into or going out of any apartment or building.

  2. Use the apartment for any purpose other than residential occupancy.
  3. Play any musical instrument, radio, television, stereo, or other similar equipment at such sound level as to interfere with the peace and quiet of other occupants in the building or buildings.
  4. Play any musical instrument, radio, television, stereo, or other similar equipment at such sound level as to interfere with the peace and quiet of other occupants in the building or buildings.
  5. Operate or allow to be operated on the premises any commercial business, whether or not the business is operated for profit.
  6. Place signs of any kind whatsoever in windows or on doors.
  7. Leave baby carriages, bicycles, other wheeled objects, pools, sand boxes, children’s toys, or any other items in the stairwells, yards or on the grounds of the buildings overnight.
  8. Sweep, throw or permit to be swept or thrown from the apartment any dirt, garbage or other substance into any of the corridors, stairwells, or exterior of the building.
  9. Leave garbage to accumulate in apartment, stairwells, or public areas.
  10. Permit the plumbing facilities, toilets, or other water apparatus to be used for any purpose other than those for which they were constructed. Any damage resulting from improper use or misuse shall be borne by Employee by whom or upon whose premises it was caused.
  11. Permit children to be unsupervised or to play in the public halls or stairwells.
  12. Install any exterior shade, awning or window guard except as approved by the Hospital.
  13. Change any locks to any door without the written consent of the Hospital. Employee will pay for any costs incurred to gain entry into the apartment because of such locks and the cost to replace locks.
  14. Shake or hang any clothing or other objects from any window or door.
  15. Erect any television or radio antenna or a satellite dish on the roof or exterior of the building.
  16. Waste water or any utility furnished by the Hospital.
  17. Store flammable or volatile material in apartment or other items that will violate any law or local ordinance or increase the insurance rates of the buildings.
  18. Drill, nail or screw any object into the walls, ceilings, floors, windows, or doors without written consent. Employee shall be liable for the cost of restoring same.
  19. Use a waterbed
  20. Take into, keep or maintain in the apartment domestic or wild animals, birds, reptiles or pets of any kind or place animal or bird feeders outside of the apartment or on the grounds of the complex.
  21. Store or park trailers, boats or commercial vehicles or trucks in the parking areas.
  22. Install or maintain any electrical, gas or water appliance, other than items known in the trade as “small household appliances”.
  23. Wash Cars on the premises

Occupants of Apartment units SHALL:

  1. Keep and maintain apartment in clean condition, free from debris, trash and refuse.
  2. Place garbage and recyclables in the proper receptacles as provided by Hospital.
  3. Use the laundry and drying machines in the manner and at the times as directed by the Hospital. Maintenance of the laundry room is the responsibility of the Hospital
  4. Park only properly registered, operating passenger vehicles in designated areas. Each apartment is limited to (2) two such vehicles. We reserve the right to remove from the parking areas at your expense any inoperable, abandoned, or unregistered vehicles or trucks.
  5. Permit reasonable entry into the apartment at reasonable hours to inspect or make repairs; with entry at any hour in case of emergency.
  6. Cook only in the kitchen. Cooking is not permitted in stairwells. Barbecues are allowed only in designated areas by the picnic tables.
  7. Promptly comply with all laws, orders, regulations, rules and requirements of governmental authorities, insurance carriers, boards of fire underwriters or similar groups which are properly directed to the Employee
  8. Hospital reserves the right to change these rules and regulations from time to time as may be required to protect the property and add to your enjoyment.
  9. Cooperate during a snow storm and park only in areas designated by Hospital. If Employee fails to cooperate, Hospital may have Employee’s vehicle towed at Employee’s expense.
  10. J. Employee is responsible for obeying all City and County ordinances and would be responsible for all fines incurred due to the non-compliance of same. If the fine assessed to the Hospital is due to the Employee’s non-compliance with the ordinance the Employee is responsible to pay Hospital the amount of the fine within 7 days and will be subject to eviction.

Employee is liable for all damages caused by violation of the use and occupancy agreement. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations can result in termination of this agreement.